Access Anywhere, Anytime

Access email from anywhere at
anytime from the web, your favorite
desktop app or your mobile device.

Address Book & Calendars

Keep in touch with life and the
people in it. Manage your network
of contacts and keep appointments
in one place.

10GB Storage

Get up to 10GB of space to store
emails, contacts and calendar items. Plus,
you can send attachments up to 20MB.

Spam Protection

Our email uses leading security
technology to keep you and your
mail safe, spam and virus protection
are built-in.

Language Translation

Communicating with people across the
globe just got easier with a tool
that helps translate your messages.

IMAP and POP Support

Download messages and access
your email using email clients
that support IMAP or POP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate to the "Email-> Manage" page in your account. From there, you can access your inbox by clicking the "Check mail" option next to each available email address. You can also check email from your mobile device by going to your webmail. yourdomain (i.e

and the text should read, "Each domain registered with Dnbuy comes with free email forwarding and masking included. If you would prefer to have your own POP3 email address, CLICK HERE now. The CLICK HERE is a hyperlink to the shopping cart that gives POP3 email package options and prices.

Navigate to the Email Manage page in your account. There is a "change password" link located next to each available email address.

Navigate to the Email Manage in your account. There is a "Delete link" located next to each active email address.

At this time, Email is only offered in one-year subscriptions. Therefore, you will be billed on an annual basis.

For this configuration to work, you must first purchase our DNS Service and have your domain set to our name servers.

You can always add more email addresses to your account by selecting additional plans. The price will be pro-rated to sync with the expiration date of you original Email purchase. For example, if you purchase additional email accounts one month after your original purchase, the price will be pro-rated for 11 months of service. If you are a reseller using our API, you can purchase any number of email addresses. However, your prices will not be pro-rated at this time. Instead a new bundle will be created for your purchase.